Linerless labelling


Sustainable packaging, improved efficiency.

Join the trend towards a more sustainable packaging with our patented systems for linerless labels: the innovative self-adhesive labels with no backing liner that cut down on plastic and increase line efficiency.


Linerless decorative labels are applied by our unique, patented linerless labelling stations. Designed to handle this new concept of label, our stations work with a label-specific transfer drum that apply and cuts each label with the utmost precision. The stations are also skillfully engineered for a smooth dispensing: non-stick rollers, servo-motorization and top-quality components.

All our linerless labelling stations are programmed as autonomous units, to allow for installation on all ILTI labellers as well as on most existing labellers, thus providing the greatest array of possibilities for a linerless upgrade on your packaging lines. 

Want to have both Linerless and standard PSL? No worries, with modular configuration of station and labeller, our systems can be interchanged with other labelling stations in a matter of minutes for the utmost flexibility.





Sustainability is now paired with efficiency, play your part in plastic waste reduction while improving your packaging line’s performance.


Discover more on our range of linerless labelling stations, and get in touch for an assessment of linerless opportunities for your products.



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Linerless technology has been chosen by the maket leader in the beer industry. Read about their press release here. 


ILTI is part of the project Core Linerless Solutions, a comprehensive solution for linerless labels, from printer to user. Get in touch to knoew more.



ILTI's linerless solutions have been awarded for sustainable innovation by