Sustainability for big numbers.

Linerless high-speed labelling system.


The new evolution of the Linerless project, ILTI’S Proper-LL2 is an exclusive and patented system for the application of Linerless labels at high speed.


Developed in collaboration with the Core Linerless Solutions® project, the labelling head handles labels that have no backing liner and hence sensibly cut down on plastic wastage as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional self-adhesive.


Sustainability is paired with enhanced efficiency: each Linerless reel can carry up to three times more labels, resulting in reduced production downtimes due to reel changes and improved line productivity. As a further benefit, no backing liner to dispose of, along with reduced transport and storage costs will also result in a better overall cost-efficiency.


With a pitch speed of 130 mt/min and 60.000 bph, this Linerless labelling head is suitable for all industries that require high production speeds for cylindrical or shaped containers in plastic or glass with front&back, partial or wrap-around labels. Its special IP55 protection enclosure make the system particularly indicated for the beverage and beer industry.


A format-specific transfer drum applies and cuts the labels, while servo-motorization on unwinder, drive rollers and transfer drum guarantees flawless precision. The extra-sturdy supports and plates ensure the smooth handling of labels, even the thinnest materials. Accurate engineering, high quality components and sturdy support make for a durable and reliable equipment.


As all ILTI labelling heads, LL2 is equipped with an autonomous control system that allows for an integrated non-stop function and enables their installation either on an ILTI labeller or on existing third parties’ machines.


The system also features an innovative software management with advanced diagnostic, integrated Pack-ML and remote connection for easier assistance and line communication, in compliance with the latest Industry 4.0 principles.  Great ease of use is given by the user-optimized touch-screen operator panel.


Want more options? With modular configuration of heads and machine, Linerless can be interchanged with standard PSL in minutes, for the utmost line flexibility.



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