ILTI means security and support above all in the after sales service. Our customers know that they can rely on us, as our efficient team is promptly available for assistance. The 95% of our interventions concerns the installation of the machine, but there can be rare cases of mechanical malfunctions. That is why we suggest to our customers to buy a maintenance kit with wear materials and spare parts for emergencies. This allows a very quick intervention, which normally ends within 24 hours. ILTI pays a lot of attention to innovation and for this reason we offer an efficient remote support service, which sustains the traditional method of intervention. In case of maintenance or malfunctioning, the customer can choose two solutions:


Standard support service

One of our technicians arrives on site of the installation of the machine within 24 hours (compatibly with the distance and the flights availability). After a first analysis, he will restore the correct functioning of the machine. Our internal statistics show an average time of reaction of four hours and total support in case of emergencies.

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Remote support service

To accelerate intervention times and to reduce costs, ILTI offers a remote support service. The current technology allows several possibilities for remote access. Using this method, our technicians will be able to help the customers’ technicians finding the solution of the problem. Everything will take place in real time and costs will be limited to the single hourly rate.

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