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New on the market: high speed linerless labelling with Proper-LL2


The latest innovation in linerless labelling is now available on the market: the new head for high speed labelling Proper-LL2 is ready to shake up the world of sustainable packaging.


As the latest evolution of ILTI’s linerless range, the head has been specifically designed to tackle the necessities of high-speed production lines, with an eye to the beverage industry.


Indeed, the innovation comes as a response to the growing interest in sustainable packaging solutions in the Food & Beverage industry and completes the range of ILTI’s linerless labelling systems, which now encompasses all speed requirements.

The new model pairs ILTI’s patented transfer drum with a special high-speed construction to apply linerless labels at a speed of up to 130 mt/min and 60.000 bph. With its unmatched precision, Proper-LL2 is the first and only high-speed solution for linerless labelling.

As if that wasn’t enough, the system also features an innovative software management with advanced diagnostic, integrated Pack-ML, remote connection for easier assistance and line communication and user-optimized touch-screen operator panel. All these improvements have been implemented on Proper-LL1 – the standard speed model - as well, so that the entire range now follows the latest Industry 4.0 trends.  

Just like all ILTI labelling heads, LL2 is equipped with an autonomous control system that allows for an integrated non-stop function and enables the installation either on an ILTI labeller or on existing third parties’ machines: switching to linerless has never been so easy.


Now that there’s a complete range of linerless labelling solutions to respond to the rising attention to sustainability in packaging, we can’t wait to see what is yet to come.



In the meantime, more info available here:

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