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Innovating customer service in the age of COVID-19


With the pandemic raging for most of the year, 2020 has raised major challenges for companies worldwide and called for new business models. But just as every crisis also brings opportunities, for ILTI this was a chance to develop new strategies and further improve service assistance.

Adapting proven technologies and creating new processes, we pushed forward on digitalization to address the issues of the Covid-19-age while securing the best services to our customers.


When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we at ILTI immediately took every possible precaution and measure to safeguard our Team, Customers and Partners. Assessing daily developments with the utmost attention, the measures enforced have been constantly updated ever since to adapt to each phase of the pandemic.  Now as we become accustomed to the new normal, time calls for some considerations.

Safe workflows

Ever since the beginning of the covid-19 crisis, our priority was to safeguard the health of our Team while maintaining the operativity of all service supports. For that, new workflows were found to ensure the safety of all departments and hence keep all after-sales and parts services active.

Adapting shifts and spaces and introducing mandatory covid-19 tests for all our travelling engineers we were able to create a safe working environment, with the great achievement of 0 infections since the beginning of the pandemic. This was indeed key to the continuity of essential support services for all our customers worldwide, as well as to the regular proceeding of ongoing projects.


Digitalization for effectiveness

Digitalizing processes was the key to success.

First came the introduction of remote working policies to minimize interpersonal contacts and turnout. Once the new work model was set, we moved forward to find a way to address the need for technical support in the face of international travel restrictions.

Determined to be ready to respond to any customer’s need while safeguarding their health and complying to the international travel bans, we pushed forward our remote assistance plan to set up procedures to effectively perform technical assistance services and installations remotely.

From remotely-assisted installations and local ILTI collaborators, to remote technical support and virtual machine acceptance tests, we are successfully ensuring that our labelling solutions are delivered on time and are well taken care of, even in these times of uncertainty.


 “The staff was very supportive during the entire course of onboarding and commissioning, making the process reasonably smooth. I’d definitely chose this type of support again.” 

A.T., Production Manager


I think we have been happy overall with the installation, that was an effective alternative in this situation. Also, remote assistance plays a good part to giving our techs more experience with ILTI machines.”

F.G., Project Engineer


In a crisis, it's all about sticking together. All this was possible thanks to the coordination of all departments and to the cooperation of line operators on-site. With great feedbacks coming, remote support will surely be an option even after the pandemic ends, as an efficient method for those who want to minimize costs and timing.


What’s for sure is that the coronavirus crisis has strengthened ILTI’s resolve to pursue the path it has taken towards digitalization to offer a wider range of solutions for technical support. Recent times have formed the foundation for this and more is yet to come.