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Launching the new HMI for ILTI’s labelling heads range


Industrial needs are everchanging as industry 4.0 standards are becoming more and more common across all sectors, and we do keep up.

With advanced systems and remote connection already a standard for our machines’ PLCs, it was time for an upgrade to our labelling heads as well. That’s why we are proudly launching the new “-i” series.


Continuing our commitment towards constant innovation, from now on all our labelling heads, both self-adhesive and linerless, will be equipped with a new advanced HMI providing a series of key improvements for ease-of-use, industry 4.0 and connectivity. 


The new interface, along with software improvements, allows for great signal analysis and detailed system diagnostic, bringing everyday use to the next level even for the standard operator.


As a key feature, the new series is now suitable for direct remote connection, thus making the entire labeller remotely manageable, with an in-depth control over each module. This is also crucial for labelling heads installed as a stand-alone or as a retrofit on existing labellers: these will now have the capability to be assisted remotely, while giving the users greater control over each device and its function.


Last but not least if that wasn’t enough, the new operator interface features a touchscreen display with user-friendly graphics which will make everyday management faster and easier.


Our heads’ usual precision and efficiency, now combined with advanced diagnostic and connectivity. The new Proper-i series is designed to meet the highest standards in the sector and align with the need for industry 4.0. features.



Get to know the new interface with the official video by clicking here.